Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Wright Farm Blog is born!

Hello and greetings from the Wright Poultry & Beef farm!

Today is the beginning of a hole new era of communication here on the Farm and we plan to blatantly and unabashedly market our-selves to the world through this forum.

It's May 20th, 2009 and today started out raining and cool, thus a good time to launch our blog and finish up some much overdue taxidermy work in the shop. (though clearly i have once again side lined the taxidermy to focus on this fun new distraction)

But now the sun is out and the day is warmer, so i best just cut to the chase as i can not stay inside when the rain is gone!

The Wright Poultry & Beef Farm is a second-generation family owned and operated farm run by Ward and Jodie Wright. Our Farm is located in Micksburg, a hamlet between Cobden & Pembroke - a 1.5-hour drive from Ottawa, in the heart of the Ottawa Valley.
We are pleased to offer for sale our premium quality, pasture-raised Angus beef, pork and chicken.

We are fortunate to live in the Ottawa Valley, within reach of Canada’s capital where we have developed a business selling directly to health-conscious and environmentally aware customers. Our typical customers look for a natural product raised without the use of growth promoting hormones and antibiotics. Our animals live free-range, eating their natural diet in a stress-free environment. Our land has never seen commercial fertilizers - herbicides or pesticides. Our cattle, which we raise from birth, graze only the most luscious pastures and eat the highest quality hay.

Our beef is available year round, custom cut and packaged according to your specifications. We have our beef prepared by a government-inspected abattoir run by the McGarroch family, located directly across from our farm gate. We choose only young, healthy beef (maximum 12 months of age) for our customers. It is the combination of excellent genetics, free range grass-feeding, and dry-aging that create both a flavourful and healthy eating experience.

You can purchase our beef by the quarter or half, at a price of $4.45 Lb hanging weight. We also offer a selection of seasonal set price packages that feature an assortment of our beef, pork & chicken. You are welcome to contact us directly to place an order.

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